Precious lifeline revived

Emotional support for all ages

It's still an emotional lifeline, but its name has changed and its services expanded. That’s the message Susan Potgieter, the director of Revive – formerly Lifeline – would like to get across to Nelson Mandela Bay residents.

She hopes that the new name for the Port Elizabeth branch of Lifeline will be as much of a household name as its predecessor.

“We want to address a need in our community and, to address this as best we can, we need to transform,” Potgieter said. “We will still focus on emotional well-being but our new focus is on trauma and face-to-face counselling.

Revive’s mission is to empower emotional change, helping you to overcome your dark times by providing a confidential, supportive counselling when you are in crisis.

Potgieter said all counselling services would remain free of charge and now included children from the age of seven and older.

The organisation re-launched at the end of last month with a new name and attitude, along with several additional and updated workshops and programmes. It will still focus on well-being, with an accent on empowering emotional change.

“We have a brand new personal growth course so please come and experience it,” urged Potgieter, who also highlighted the new Revive Personal Breakthrough Course.