Centrestage bring back grunge icons

DIG out your old flannel checked shirts and Doc Martens because 90s grunge is coming back into fashion this week with Centrestage's tribute to four icons of the famed Seattle sound at East London's Boeretroos Theatre tomorrow.

Titled Smells Like Grunge and featuring the music of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden and the Foo Fighters, the show is given voice by Centrestage frontman and grunge fanatic Wayne Kallis.

He will be joined by Hugo Kleinhans on guitar, Andrew Warneke on bass and Gino Fabbri on drums.

"Every singer or guitarist has that song or band that first made them want to pick up a guitar and sing," Kallis said.

"For me that was the music on my older brother's Pearl Jam and Nirvana cassettes. These are the songs I spent hours and hours playing and singing to alone in my room before I ever even made it near a stage."

Combining elements of classic rock, punk and even metal, grunge gave a voice to the hopeless, misplaced youth of the early 1990s.

Musical icons like Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain helped grunge become more accessible to a larger audience and soon it was a worldwide phenomenon.

The show draws extensively from the repertoire of Pearl Jam, still one of the most popular bands in the US today.

The audience can expect songs such as Alive, Smells Like Teen Spirit, Lithium, Everlong and many more.

Nirvana's famous MTV unplugged concert will also provide a few acoustic moments.

The show starts at 8pm and tickets are R120 per person (or R100 when booking eight tickets or more).

For bookings, contact Lara on 072-225-7120.