Tradition adds fun and laughter

BRIDES may blush when their grooms remove their garters from under their wedding dresses but the tradition is all in the name of fun say four of The Herald Bride and Groom 2013 finalists.

Angela Knoetze, who married Thean in February last year, said: “We did both the garter throwing and the bouquet throwing.

“It’s kind of a bittersweet story. Thean’s cousin caught the bouquet and her boyfriend at the time actually caught the garter! But sadly, they are no longer dating.”

Nicole Campher, who married Andre in October 2013, said: “It was great, lots of laughter, oh and Andre’s cousin Diego, from Cape Town, caught the garter.

“My best friend, Kim, caught the bouquet so they had to dance together, and they were so shy of each other.

“Anyway, Diego put the garter on his head and danced with it on his head the entire evening.”

Tracey Thompson, who married Gerhard in April 2013, remembers the tradition on her wedding day: “Did Gerhard put his head under my wedding dress and pull the garter off with his teeth? Yes, we did that!

“I was very uncomfortable having him go under my dress with my mother sitting there (ha ha).

“And yes, we made the guy and girl dance together and that also didn’t work very well!”

Alethea Ross, who married Shilton in December, said: “The throwing of the garter was a bit of a debate for us, as Shilton was so shy knowing he would have to go feeling under my dress in front of tons of people but at the end of the day it was about having fun, laughing at each other and at ourselves.”

- Octayvia Nance