Bride’s crowning glory a traditional affair

“SOMETHING old and something new” held a significance deeper than the “something borrowed, something blue” wedding rhyme when Tashreeqa Peterson married Gareth Nu’aim McEwan in Port Elizabeth last month.

Tashreeqa wore a medowra – the traditional headwear of Muslim brides – first worn by her great-grandmother almost a century ago. Her great-grandmother passed the medowra on to her daughter – Tashreeqa’s grandmother – who in turn had passed it on to her.

“It’s covered with 24-carat gold and is a family heirloom,” said Tashreeqa yesterday.

“Something new” could well refer to Gareth’s new religion as the South African of Scottish descent converted to Tashreeqa’s religion after meeting and falling in love with her. He has now taken on the Muslim name of Nu’aim.

“He converted to Islam as I am Muslim. As we were getting to know each other, he grew more and more curious about my religion and eventually he converted,” she said.

Tashreeqa met Gareth when they both studied finance and statistics at NMMU, where Gareth is now lecturing while he completes his MA degree.

The couple held their reception at the Hellenic Hall in Parson’s Hill.