Bridal model gets to wear her own fairytale dress(es)

MOULD Model Academy owner Bianca Gerber – a regular on the fashion ramp modelling wedding wear at The Herald’s annual bridal fair – replaced the dress rehearsal for the real-life experience of wearing not one but three of her very own fantasies designed by her uncle, Johan Wolmarans.

Bianca, 26, married Wehrner Buys, 44, owner of Mount Road Pharmacy in Govan Mbeki Avenue, at Slipperfields on February 1 and is an entrant for The Herald Bride and Groom 2014 competition.

“I have modelled so many wedding dresses and everyone always said that they wondered what I would choose for my own. It felt amazing wearing my own dresses, exactly as I wanted it – my uncle truly went all out,” Bianca said.

Award-winning Port Elizabeth fashion designer Johan made three separate dresses for Bianca: one each for the ceremony, reception and to open the dance floor.

“It was such an honour to have my dresses made by my uncle. It was truly special and he made it with so much love. He made sure that I had the most amazing dresses ever!

“He has been such a big part of my life and I am truly so blessed to have him be part of my big day.

“The one I wore at the ceremony was the typical princess dress. The dress was typically me – dramatic and full of bling.”

“Then, the dress I wore at my reception was this very sexy lace dress. It was beautiful and is the dress I’ve always wanted. The dress that my uncle surprised me with was perfect, lots of diamanté detail and I moved in it so freely.”

Bianca said her wedding day was one of the best days of her life.

“Our wedding was my very own fairytale. It was what I always dreamt it would be. The age difference between the two of us is nothing but a number and the feelings we feel for each other ... it’s God-sent.”

The Walmer couple met while Bianca attended DF Malherbe High School, and her mother worked for the same pharmacy as Wehrner.

“I used to sit there, doing my homework, in the afternoons – still in my school uniform.

“Little did I know that this man would one day capture and own most of my heart.

“Years went by when we didn’t have any contact with each other until one Sunday, last year, we bumped into each other at Wimpy in Moffet on Main.

“We started chatting – the time I called him ‘ uncle’ felt so far away. That evening, we searched for each other on Facebook and the rest is history. I fell in love and it’s funny how it happens when you least expect it.

“We are searching for a new house – a cosy homey home is what we want for Wehrner, his son Murray, 18, and I.”

-Octayvia Nance