Recipe: No-bake lemon meringue

CAPE Town food blogger Lizet Hartley’s Melkkos and Merlot website is a treasure trove of easy South African recipes, such as this “instant” lemon meringue which serves eight.


Large tub of double-thick Greek yoghurt

Jar of store-bought lemon curd (look in the baking section)

Bag of store-bought meringues (Hartley notes: “preferably real ones that were made by some little old lady in her home industries kitchen, not those scary white ones supermarkets sell for a dime a dozen”)

Biscuits (Hartley used Bakers Nuttikrust, but says pretty much anything will do – ginger snaps, chocolate digestives oat crunchies)


“Place biscuits in a plastic sandwich bag and beat the living daylights out of them with a rolling pin. A food processor is faster, but probably not as satisfying after a rubbish day at work,” Hartley says.

Pour biscuit crumbs into a bowl. Next, mix the Greek yoghurt and lemon curd.

“How much depends on what you like. I prefer it with lots of lemon, so I use a 50/50 mix.”

Spoon on top of the biscuit base. Top with the meringues and serve immediately.

“You can make one big one, but I much prefer small individual ones. I’ve even made it in shot glasses, the perfect instant party trick for when the hordes descend!”

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