Engine so soothing it purrs as you drive

Bobby Cheetham

SPENDING time with the Ford EcoSport is like having an ice-cream on a hot day on Kings Beach – very satisfying! It can't get any better than this – although perhaps, add a boerie roll and a few bikinis, and it can!

The EcoSport Titanium is a great vehicle that's stirring up a storm with its small, gutsy 1-litre motor. The smallest engine in its class, Ford's 1.0l EcoBoost engine is big on power, torque and refinement.

Producing 92kW of power with a peak torque of 170Nm, the quiet and smooth-running engine delivers power and performance that rivals traditional 1.6-litre petrol engines.

The 1.0l EcoBoost engine has won the coveted title of International Engine of the Year for the last two years running.

With 25% fewer moving parts, the three-cylinder EcoBoost is able to deliver good fuel economy and lower emissions. On a combined cycle run the innovative powerplant ensures minimal consumption of just 5.7l/100km.

Ford's EcoBoost technology, which holds more than 125 patents, combines direct fuel injection, turbocharging and variable valve timing to enable a downsized engine to gain fuel economy by up-to 20% over larger engines with no loss of performance. And the perfect purr from the engine reminds one of an angry kitten.

Based on Ford's global B- segment platform, the EcoSport is a stylish choice with enough space for five adults. The SUV's blend of practicality and smart connectivity will attract young, adventurous drivers, who not only live life to the fullest, but also love exploring the world at large.

On the road, the small one litre engine pushes out enough power to get the vehicle along at a good lick with plenty in reserve when overtaking at the legal limit.

The advanced six-speed PowerShift transmission combines the efficiency, optimised gear ratios and responsive performance of a traditional manual transmission with the smoothness, convenience and ease-of-use of a conventional automatic.

Low-friction dry clutches are employed, combined with six well-spaced gears to provide responsive acceleration from rest, smooth transitions between gears and optimised fuel economy when cruising.

The high driving position, rugged capability, superior fuel economy, easy manoeuvrability, and convenient features make it the right vehicle for both city streets and adventurous pursuits.

Moms will like the vehicle's compact sub-four metre dimensions and the electric power-assisted steering with pull-drift compensation helps drivers tackle the stress of city-driving, be it parking in small spaces, manoeuvring in heavy traffic, or making tight U-turns.

This well-rounded vehicle is just as comfortable wading through flooded areas as it is entertaining the driver through hands-free phone calls and music selection.

Inside, soft-touch fabrics and the global ice blue dashboard illumination all convey a feeling of superior quality and craftsmanship.

Controls and knobs are ergonomically placed while seats are designed to be soft enough for comfort and firm enough for longer journeys.

The EcoSport is available with a fully comprehensive four-year/120000km warranty and four-year/60000km service plan. Service intervals are staggered at 20 000km intervals for the petrol derivatives and 15 000km for the diesel derivatives.

There's also a three-year roadside assistance and a five-year corrosion warranty.

Priced at R R244000, the EcoSport Titanium is a vehicle that should be high on your list if you are in the market for a fun, family vehicle.