In full bloom at the Boardwalk

La Femme's Octayvia Nance  took floral artist Fayette Scherwinski to Kipling's Brasserie at the Boardwalk Hotel for lunch

INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed floral artist Fayette Scherwinski is planning the launch of her new flower shop at the Boardwalk – and popped across to the nearby Kipling's Brasserie for her lunch date with La Femme.

The excited designer hopes her store "will bring happiness to all who come in".

"I want to create a place where, even if no one places an order, someone can come in after a long day and just feel better.

"It's always a reward for me when someone is touched by my flowers."

The shop opens on February 7.

Scherwinski has arranged flowers for Germany's head of state Chancellor Angela Merkel, lectured floral art to trainees for more than a decade and hosted workshops in Port Elizabeth.

After taking a while to decide what to eat, she enjoyed a scrumptious salmon and avocado panini sandwich with chips and a glass of Appletizer.

I picked Kipling's Brasserie at the Boardwalk Hotel because apart from the good food, it has an absolutely breathtaking view of the bay. The best!

I'll know I've made it when  I'm doing it.

I love being a designer because it's what I was born to do. It's about life.

The person who has taught me the most is ... or better said "are" ... I believe in teamwork. I'm inspired by every person I meet, but most of all by my amazing daughter and son, and my three main former lecturers and students.

I have a soft spot for  ambitious people, beautiful architecture, the Spanish language, peppermint Aero and good food.

I should have studied  graphic design.

I'm listening to  John Legend and Pharrell Williams.

When I was 16, I wish I knew that one person can make a difference and we were all born with talent irrelevant of where we come from.

My music weakness is Xavier Naidoo, Söhne Mannheims, Philipp Poisel, Mary J Blige, Coldplay, Mozart, Beyoncé and John Legend.

Nothing makes me happier than being able to be myself.

My favourite item of clothing is ... I love tailored blazers.

I absolutely hate loud people

I am saving to buy a cold-room for my new flower shop.

I can't go a day without  being in touch with my family.

My favourite places in the metro are  Maitlands River mouth, St George's Park and Bridge Street.