'Eat what makes you feel good'

LA FEMME last week took Port Elizabeth lifestyle and nutrition coach Tanya Wyatt out for a quick lunch at the place of her choice, Friendly Stranger, the coffee shop famous for its delicious cakes.

Over a cappuccino with foam, Wyatt said it was important that people ate whatever made them feel good. She shares her knowledge and advice on good nutrition monthly in local community papers and appears bimonthly as a guest on Bay TV.

Wyatt, who doesn't believe in diets, ordered a lamb wrap filled with tomato, lettuce and cucumber.

I like Friendly Stranger because it's close to home, sunny, veryrelaxed and they do great cappuccinos!

The best thing about my career is I get to talk about food a lot (I really enjoy eating).

I'll know I've made it when I have to put shades on when I go out, so people don't recognise me and want my autograph (ha-ha, wishful thinking).

The person who has taught me the most is ... not one individual, but a collection of all the clients I've had over the years and who have helped me become the practitioner I am today.

I have a soft spot for my very good mate Georgie "The Elegant Chef" Georgina Hounsfield's chocolate brownies (the best in town).

I should have studied less at school and had more fun.

I'd love to party with comfortable shoes on.

I'm reading nightly.

When I was 16, I wish I knew what planet my parents came from.

My music weakness is... house, folk, opera, classical and Cypress Hill.

Nothing makes me happier than Georgie's chocolate brownies (did I mention those already?)

My favourite item of clothing is... good grief. Perhaps my Sissy Boy "Miracle" jeans.

I absolutely hate artificial sweeteners.

I am saving to buy a number of consumables that, although I can't take with me when I die, will give me great pleasure whilst alive on earth.

I share my life with my staffie Chicken, my daughter Cassandra, her dad Stu, and various hilarious and sociable friends.

I can't go a day without water.

My favourite places in the metro are Schoenies, Richmond Hill, the beachfront and Dodd's farm.