'Idols' star, agent may sue each other

Mashoto Lekgau

A STORM is brewing between two agents over the services and payment of Idols star Khaya Mthethwa.

Last week it was reported that Mthethwa and his former agent Esme Herbst of Just Be Entertainment were not seeing eye to eye and the situation had eventually led to his not showing up at certain events.

Herbst has now claimed through her lawyer she is in the process of instituting legal action against the Durban singing sensation.

Herbst's lawyer Dwayne Fourie said the bone of contention was the gains from the TV show Clash of the Choirs, a contract Mthethwa got into without his agent's knowledge.

"The agreement states that the agent is entitled to 20% commission of all amounts earned. Now obviously because it's a big contract, Khaya wants to keep the money to himself."

Meanwhile, it has transpired that Mthethwa also sent a letter of demand to Herbst on September 27 claiming an undisclosed amount of money allegedly owed to him.

Ironically, when the Move hitmaker was first contacted last week about the falling-out, he initially directed all questions to Herbst.

It later turned out he had since hired a new booking agent, Lisa Loeb of About Entertainment, who represents a variety of popular artists including Lira.

Yesterday the lawyer representing Mthethwa and Loeb, David Feinberg, declined to disclose the contents of the letter of demand and how much the artist was asking from his former agent.

"We do not know about any litigation that Esme Herbst might bring against Khaya. On the contrary, it is Khaya who is considering litigating against Esme Herbst and-or Just Be Entertainment for their failure to pay him monies which are due to him."