Plan your wardrobe to be ready for spring

Johann Huebsch

PORT Elizabeth image consultant, Solette Rhodes, has made it her mission to help women and men around the bay with the common challenge of deciding what to wear.

A wardrobe is a very private space and most women, although they don't necessarily admit it, would prefer help with this daily obstacle says Rhodes – and she aims to just that.

""I don't change anyone's style, we all have a specific 'style personality' and I dress my clients according to the style personality they feel most comfortable in. I believe that all women, regardless of shape or age, are equally beautiful and that is my job: to bring that out by using what they have as well as acquiring new items," she said.

Melanie Hough is one of Rhodes's satisfied clients: "Initially I had visions of her coming in and throwing my entire wardrobe out, like they do on television, but she came in and helped me discover more efficient ensembles and uses for my clothes," said Hough.

An appointment is set up and a "Lifestyle Evaluation" performed to understand the client's clothing needs.

  • Rhodes will help the client to pack and hang everything in their wardrobe in a way that makes clothes and accessories easily accessible and visible.

  • She will find as many mix and match combinations as possible.

  • She will take photographs of the clothing that has been mixed and matched, including accessories, and put this on a disc to refer back to.

  • Using the CD, Rhodes then teaches clients how to mix and match.

  • The client will try on some of their favourite items, so she can advise them on the fit and style of the garments.

  • A list of all essential clothing items that the client needs to build a successful wardrobe will be drawn up, to which he or she can add as they can afford.

This helps to ensure that shopping trips are planned, as the client knows what they have as well as what they need. Rhodes will also assist with shopping.

  • With the disc of the client's wardrobe as database they will also receive a free gift – usually this includes a set of coat hangers, storage containers or wardrobe perfume.

This process helps to eliminate frustration when getting dressed in the morning.

"It's all about taking the client and building up his or her self-image and confidence and helping to make her daily routine easier while looking fabulous," said Rhodes.

The disc is a great help when planning weekly outfits, looks for business trips as well as holidays.