Book early for a head start

LET'S start with a question, do you think Celeb A, B or C can just turn up at the salon and be helped by Ken Paves or whoever is the man of the moment? The simple answer is no. Because, as he will probably be in New York when you pitch up at his Los Angeles salon, or if by some chance he is in the salon, the chances are he will be fully booked already!

So how do you avoid this? Well the simple answer is plan ahead. I can tell you now that I am fully booked for the Saturday in six weeks time – and I will not be alone. How I hear you ask? Generally, Saturday clients – and most regular clients – know that stylists' appointments are limited and book their next appointment before they leave from their last.

Thus Saturdays at a popular salon are almost always fully booked weeks in advance. Which if you think about it makes sense. You all have a fairly set tolerance for when you know your hair will need its next touch up, for some it will be four weeks, others six and so on. You should also have a fair idea of when you will be free, so book it!

Phoning a hairdresser at 4pm on a Friday afternoon and expecting them to be free to help you at 4.30 is just ridiculous! And yes it happens. Then getting in a huff when they can't help you and finding the first available hairdresser or worse try it yourself is almost certainly going to end in disaster. Busy hairdressers are usually that way for a reason!

Another point worth considering is that it is far easier for a salon to move an already booked appointment than take a new one.

As they will know exactly who is on the other end of the line and not just one of 100 Michelles, as the booked appointment will show just how much time your stylist knows that he or she needs to help you and also if there is a problem moving the appointment, with this information, they will be better placed to make a plan to fit you in.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from new clients is that their old hairdresser was forever over-booked and they ended up waiting. A good stylist will plan to be able to accommodate their clients without waiting. I know this will sound clinical but we work on a two-hour turnaround time for all colour clients and view anything over running 15 minutes late as a disaster.

However this also means that if you have not booked in advance we can't always help you. We hope you understand that this is because we value our clients and as such, respect the ones who booked in advance and try to maintain the level of service they expect. If you value this service then please help us, help you, by booking in advance.