Big 'Splash of Tartan'

YOU might be forgiven for thinking you had somehow lost your way and ended up near the home of Billy Connolly celebrating his own brand of Heritage Day on Tuesday.

That is if you're in the vicinity of Glendinningvale and the Savoy Theatre where you'll encounter bagpipes, ballads and belly laughs aplenty.

A Splash of Tartan is being staged in aid of the Algoa Caledonian Pipe Band and stage stalwarts Niqui Cloete-Barrass and Marelize "Mo" Barnard are presenting a show from which the audience can expect some real globe-trotting – perfect for a heritage outing.

"The first half is a journey around the world with Mo and me, featuring hits from the likes of Queen Latifah, Eartha Kitt, Madonna, Bette Midler and Abba," explained Cloete-Barrass.

She said the second half would be spent on Scottish ground with the duo performing some of the favourites from their award-winning Kilts, Celts and Welsh Rarebits show, while the Algoa Caledonian Pipe Band joins in for some traditional Scottish tunes.

"David White will belt out a wee few numbers including Scotland the Brave and a nod to Billy Connolly, and the ceilidh dancers will wow the audience with appropriate moves."

Cloete-Barrass said considering the talented input from the pipe band, White and the ceilidh dancers, they actually had trouble choosing what not to perform.

Both singers are known for their wit and sense of humour – Barnard is staging her comedy Mamma, Ek Wil 'n Man Hê! in the Bay this week – so presumably there's quite a bit of humour in this tartan offering?

"Humour? Us?" quipped Cloete-Barrass. "Og, we cannae be fashed aboo tha noo! Naturally Mo and I take the whole thing terribly seriously and there's not a laugh to be had. By the way, did you hear the one about the Scotsman ... ?

Cloete-Barrass said Avril Smith, who heads up the Reach for Recovery charity for Breast Cancer Awareness and Support, had approached her to put together a show for the benefit of the pipe band.

"Since we have had a long-standing friendship based on the shows we have worked on together in the past, I was only too happy to oblige – and so was my dear friend and stage partner, Mo." She said her entertainment company, Boost Creative Solutions, also placed a lot of emphasis on giving back to the community.

"This was yet another great opportunity to do what we love for a good cause."

Cloete-Barrass said she believed the variety was the most fabulous part of the show.

"From tear-jerking traditional pipe led ballads, to side-splitting parody songs – which have become a bit of a signature for Boost shows – and a sing-along, the audience is sure to be kicking up their kilts all the way."

The show is being staged for one night only on Tuesday at 7pm for 7.30pm at the Savoy.

Tickets are R100 and can be obtained from Avril on 083-605-9246 or Llew on 082-555-4981.