Angling for every way wind blows

ANGLING conditions change like the wind! The wind and atmospheric pressure have a tremendous influence on angling conditions and whether we catch or not. Wind strength depends on the sudden changes in the barometer.

Fish are more active with high air pressure than with the low pressures. It is a good idea to study the barometer and fish the high air pressures or rising air pressure at least. The aeration of water as a result of the wind, stimulates the fish and creates a feeding trend conducive to good angling.

As I have mentioned in the past, the west wind is more favourable to angling, as the east wind cleans and makes the water colder. Just prior to frontal activity is also prime fishing time!

Generally speaking, river angling is most productive when the east wind has prevailed for three days or so and then followed by a west wind for a day.

Atmospheric pressures are even more critical with freshwater species of fish which are also very selective regarding presentation. A lot of this has to do with the season and the food sources available (mostly trout).

The angler needs to get in touch with these occurrences and angle these times with the knowledge of what is hatching out of the water mass.

Often just randomly selecting flies will produce a fish. However, your success will really depend on whether you select a fly that imitates the food source the fish seek at that time of year.

There are many trout and bass dams around the Eastern Cape which provide great getaways.

One such place is right on our doorstep and that being Lake Farm which is a bass dam and ideal to learn or teach the art of freshwater angling.

It is where I, along with many children, have been introduced to the sport.

Lake Farm is situated between Cow's Corner and the Old Seaview Road. It is a safe venue and easily accessed by car. Take the M15 road from Kragga Kamma to Colleen Glen and at Cow's Corner turn left onto the Lakeside Road which takes you to the lake.

A freshwater angling permit is a requirement as is the case with saltwater angling.

This venue is a bank angling site only so boats are not permitted here. The hyacinth is a little problematic at times, so care must be taken to avoid snagging up.

The basic lures work well in this lake so it is not necessary to make a big investment in a variety of hardware. Remember a dark sky requires a dark-coloured lure while the opposite is true for the light sky.

The upcoming school holidays should make this an ideal venue to start the summer with good angling prospects ahead.