Pretty plants, eclectic art collection contribute to a relaxed family home

Mike and Lorna Spittal opened both their home and their garden. Here they tell us a bit about themselves, their garden and their art:

Tell us a bit about yourselves? My husband Mike is an international finance industry consultant. We have three sons aged 16,19 and 21. We lived in Jersey, Channel Islands, for eight years and have been back for four years. Our youngest son also loves art and takes it as a matric subject. He has also started his own art collection. Our older sons are studying engineering. I crochet, knit, do quilting and play tennis.


What makes your house and garden so special?

It's home! We are a very relaxed family and love entertaining here.

Who designed the garden?

A woman I only know as Sarah, but it has changed a lot over the past three and a half years since we bought our house.

Who is responsible for its upkeep?

Mike, my husband, and our gardener, Erik.

What is your favourite feature?

The 'lady' water feature – I strive to have a figure like hers!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a garden?

Plant things that you find pretty.

Where do you buy your plants?

Everywhere, even on holiday.

Does your garden attract birds? If so what type?

Yes, plenty – a variety of different types.


What artworks do you have?

Gregoire Boonzaaier, Frieda Lock, Erich Mayer, Johannes Meintjies, J Dingemans, Audrey Fourie, Yvonne Steynberg, among others.

When and why did you start collecting them?

Started many years ago and added to the portfolio recently.

Who is your favourite artist?

Alexander Rose-Innes.

Where do you source your artworks?

More recently, an agent who sources art.

What is your favourite piece?

The Girl by Alexander Rose-Innes.