Tumi twerks belly in Bay

NOT strictly quite dancing! Well, not quite like they do it on TV. Your Skinnerbek waltzed her way to the Bay's Boardwalk for the Mass Hysteria comedy festival last weekend and I must say I was impressed with Tumi Morake's twerking skills!

Shuuu! That girl can twerk – and not only that, she was twerking with her pregnant belly.

Then she shared that she was preggies because of her twerking skills! So now you know what to do, ladies – twerk.

Moving right along – during interval I spotted George, the owner of Cubana, who was with his gorgeous wife.

Purari Gotyana was also there in high spirits and he was happy to share that he bought a whole new wardrobe. But dahling, come on – you were still wearing your dirty All Stars!

On Wednesday your Gossip Girl was at the Opera House for the Yiyo Wednesday Jamming Night Out.

In the hot seat was businessman Motse Mfuleni who stuck rigidly to African time.

His conversation with Poetic Soul Lelethu Mahambehlala was suppose to start at 6pm but he was nowhere to be seen.

Luckily we were kept entertained by the local talent showcasing their poetry and drama skills.

The man missing in action showed up an entire hour later wearing a navy jacket, checked T-shirt and khaki pants.

Really, Motse. It would have been nice if you had just taken two minutes of your time to apologise to the audience who had been waiting patiently for you.

Also present was Bay TV's Suliwe Sihlwati who looked all sexy in her maxi striped dress. I salute her bravery for going bald – it really suits her. Ciao for now!