Ready again for whole Nine Yards Reloaded

THE past will collide with the present this month when a nightclub that closed down years ago reopens under the same management, with the same DJs and the same name in a new venue.

The small Nine Yards Club in Central was so popular that patrons would party until taxis started operating the next day.

The owner of Nine Yards Reloaded, which opens on September 27 in North End, hopes to capitalise on the memories made at the old spot by keeping the basics the same in the new club.

Businessman Thembani Mpondo said he was compelled to open the venue because there were no real spots for people to hang out and dance the whole night.

"Right now in Port Elizabeth there is no venue for the black market for people to just let loose and bringing back Nine Yards, a brand that people associate with all-night parties, will plug the need. It was an iconic club."

The New Brighton businessman, who has been in the entertainment industry for almost 10 years, said opening night was all about bringing back memories of the fun times people had at the club.

"The DJs will be guys who were featured at the club between 2005 and 2007, before it closed down. Like DJ Bawa and Superman. "And because we know that people who used to frequent the club then are now working with families, we will open around 4pm so that they can pop in just after work and reminisce about the good old days."

Mpondo, who was a partner in the old venue, said the York Street club was an improvement on the Central Nine Yards.

"This place is bigger. While Nine Yards used to get so hot that condensation would run down the walls, we will have air conditioners at the new club."

His hope is that Nine Yard Reloaded will be a platform for unknown DJs to get exposure.

"The first night will be just local DJs and we hope to keep the same momentum even though we will have national DJs occasionally. I want to give up-and- coming DJs playing time.

"Nine Yards Reloaded will not be about the famous musicians but more about plugging the lack of entertainment in Nelson Mandela Bay."

The 33-year-old Mpondo said the club would cater for two markets in Nelson Mandela Bay.

"To accommodate [old patrons] the club will open at 4pm so they can come in for drinks early.

"This will also mean that they don't have to party with the younger crowd who like going out after midnight.

"We just want everyone to be able to have fun, regardless of their age."