5FM's DJs take over at Madibaz

THE 5FM Eastern Cape Takeover weekend started at the Madibaz Cafe, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) south campus, yesterday.

The Takeover weekend is jam-packed with live broadcasts followed by the Power of Five party.

The Fresh Drive team – DJ Fresh, Catherine Grenfell, Poppy Ntshongwana and Duran Collet – delivered a live broadcast of the 5FM Fresh Drive show from 5pm to 7pm in the Madibaz Cafe at the Kraal.

"It has been a fun-filled evening and a nice circulation of the kids during the show.

"We played quiz games and gave out prizes. We are taking over provinces and tonight we are taking over Port Elizabeth," Fresh said.

Grenfell said: "The Fresh Drive team decided to go to as many of the cities as we can. Today we are here at NMMU and it has been fantastic. We brought a lot of fun and games for the students and all our supporters. The interaction with students was very good. PE is an amazing place and I have always loved it."

NMMU student Karia Lentz, 18, called it a "wonderful experience".

"I was surprised the DJs were so friendly. DJ Fresh even picked me up when I took a photo with him.

"It is really cool to see SA celebrities."

Rebecca Newman, 21, also a student, said: "It was a nice evening where you can hang out and listen to the Fresh Drive live and get to meet the DJs off radio. The DJs were friendly and it felt very warm."

The students said DJ Fresh was their favourite for the night. "He is not like the other celebrities who just take a photo with you. He communicates and gets to know you. He even made the effort to ask my name," Newman said.

The party continued at Cubana after the afternoon show.

The tour proceeds to Grahamstown today, with live broadcasts by Rob Vember at Rhodes University in front of the Steve Bantu Biko building.

Later on there will be a party at Prime nightclub with Rob Vember, Rob Forbes and Roger Goode. Entry fee is R30.

The crew will be in East London at Young Blood 5 and Ubuntu Aids orphanage where they will help paint the orphanage between 1pm and 4pm.

The party moves to Numbers nightclub with Nicole, Mscosmo and Gareth Cliff. Entry is R60.

All proceeds will be donated to the education charity, Young Blood 5.