Kate keeps it long and lovely

WITH all the pixies lately it has been quite hard to find someone with nice long hair that is actually their own to write about. In fact if you ask Google's news search (a frequent reference in my quest to stay on top of all things hair related) for "long hair" it will kick out results for pixies too. So when I saw a headline "Princess Kate ditches old sleek hairstyle" I was a little concerned.

Not that I need have worried. It would appear all that has changed since the birth of Prince George is that she no longer has time to visit her hairdresser, which is something I am sure all mums will be able to sympathise with.

To keep long hair like Kate's looking good takes a lot of work, which is something fewer and fewer people seem to consider in a time where almost everything else has become instant.

Apart from regular trips to a hairdresser it needs to be cared for properly at home and this means drying it properly too if you want to style it, which takes time. Something most new mums, it would appear Kate included, do not have – which is most probably why Kate is now sporting curls.

I don't however expect that she will cut her hair à la Diana. As a rule of thumb I only recommend two hair styles to new mums: long enough that you can scrape it all back or very short! Anything between requires styling and effort = TIME. Which makes her long hair perfect. Also there would be to many "other" connotations if she where to change her style and I think she would prefer to avoid them. Still in the meantime we at least have one celeb with beautiful natural long hair!