Ugly wall now something good

FOUR artists are hoping to instil a sense of pride in the residents of Port Elizabeth and reduce acts of vandalism by sharing their love for urban art in the city and transforming a graffiti-filled wall at the iconic Something Good roadhouse.

The artists – Nathan Sanan, Steven Carter (also known as JOFF), Paolo Maneli and Quintin Weyer – say they are sharing their love for art by painting the mural at the revamped roadhouse and restaurant overlooking Pollok Beach.

Sanan, who is also an architect at Imbono FJA Architects, said the artists approached the Something Good developers two weeks ago with the idea for painting a mural.

"We are all passionate about urban art and the beautification of our city. I have had this idea for the past few months now, to do a fantastic mural in a prominent spot in the city. After seeing the graffiti at Something Good, I knew this would be an ideal spot."

He said the restaurant and roadhouse had become a popular and vibrant place since it re-opened but it was a pity to have an eyesore attached to the facility.

Sanan said the four believed if they could transform the wall into something exciting and colourful which residents could admire, it would deter would-be vandals from defacing it again.

Sanan said the subject matter would consist of man combined with wildlife.

"Our different styles will create an urban fabric and this will promote it as a graffiti piece. The colours are very flexible. We propose for them to flow into each other and be complementary to the area."

The artists plan to finish the mural later this week.

"They have come up with a great concept and I believe the project will provide an added attraction to our beachfront and clean up what is an eyesore," spokesman for Something Good developers and Nelson Mandela-based company Shimda Grant Davis said.