Societal rhymes

A GRAHAMSTOWN- born praise singer and poet is on tour in the Eastern Cape to promote his single titled Ndifun' Ezi which tackles pertinent women's issues, especially in relation to Women's Month.

Siphelo Dyongman, 21 – well known by his stage name, Nqontsonqa, which means "crux of the matter" – says the poem that is incorporated in the single, the title of which means "in search of these", speaks about how women are mistreated in the villages and how that trend still continues even today.

It is packaged in his album Ayindim Ndenzeni which means "it's not my fault".

Nqontsonqa said he is promoting this poem now because it co-relates to Women's Month and contains a message of how men should treat women.

"I wrote the poem to console the souls of those who fell victims to men either physically, psychologically and emotionally," he said.

In his "media tour" that began last month in Port Elizabeth, the singer has been visiting radio stations, sharing with the public his background, music and plans for the future.

The tour is now continuing in East London.

Nqontsonqa said his poetry focused on everyday life challenges.

"I focus on matters that affect my society like rape, unemployment, love, how girls are treated in my community, and I think of myself as a community journalist.

"I write about issues that matter the most and try to bring an objective angle that is not judgemental or biased. I reflect only, and I don't conclude," Nqontsonqa said.

The emerging poet has produced two albums in his singing career – Nantso ke Into Yakho ("Here's your thing"), which was released in 2010, and Ayindim Ndenzeni.

The praise singer not only has a passion for writing poems and songs, he is also pursuing journalism. He is a third year student at Walter Sisulu University where he is studying towards a national diploma in journalism.

"I believe that if you add education to art you get a perfect combination that will lead to your growth as an artist and open your brand to unbelievable possibilities," Nqontsonqa said.

Nqontsonqa also features on the award-winning album Conquering Spirit by Berita and he has shared the stage with prominent artists such as Loyiso Bala, Kabelo, Zahara and The Soil.

He has also performed at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth's annual Grassroots Festival and performed at and hosts the Soul Clap Sessions.