John Homewood talk on spirituality, money and abundance

Cape Town integrative consciousness and human potential life coach and inspirational speaker John Homewood will give a condensed seminar on spirituality, money and abundance on Saturday June 8 at in Walmer.

Homewood will share his insights as to a better way to live, including “the real secret of creating a rich and fulfilled life”, giving practical exercises to shift one’s life from struggle to abundance and ease.

“Many people feel victims of situations, circumstances and events, caught up in the drama of their life, wanting to change, feeling there is something more, but not knowing the way forward.

'There seems to be two worlds, the old world which worships money, and a new world of spiritual awareness and awakening,” said a spokesman.

“While the old world of money no longer drives many people, money is still required in their lives, and many people struggle with this shift in values and focus.”

Homewood is founder of Mind Enhancement Systems and Wisdom to Nourish and has given many radio and TV talks as well as seminars and retreats throughout the country.

The seminar is from 9 to 11am at Integrative Health, 104 Main road, Walmer. Parking also available at the back.

The cost is R150 and coffee/tea and gluten- free fare will be served afterwards.

  • More information with Jean on: 073 272 0042 or to ensure your seat phone 041- 581-1206