Sacred music concert with Desert Rose postponed

Peace ambassadors Yusuf Ganief and Lynne Holmes were going to bring their world music to PE

Lynne Holmes and Yusuf Ganief make up the duo Desert Rose
Lynne Holmes and Yusuf Ganief make up the duo Desert Rose
Image: Eugene Coetzee

UPDATE: As of February 19, this concert has been postponed

The two world music artists and peace ambassadors of Desert Rose will present a sacred music concert at Art on Target on March 1 and a sound healing workshop at the Walmer Scout Hall on March 2.

Desert Rose consists of music composer, director and classical pianist Lynne Holmes and multilingual world music vocalist and arts activist Yusuf Ganief.

Based in Cape Town, they toured the US in September and October 2018 with human rights activists, authors and icons. These included Alice Walker, social activist and winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1983 for The Color Purple and Zainab Salbi, human rights activist, author and voted one of the top 20 influential women in the US.

“The music of Desert Rose is what I turn to for solace, peace, spiritual comfort, and growth," Walker said of their music.

“It is the most soulful and beautiful music in the world though I realise this may not be everyone’s experience. I love it.”

The duo performed to packed audiences in Oakland, San Francisco, Haines Falls, New York Manhattan and Washington DC.

Their five-week tour included a peace concert for Black Lives Matter in Oakland on International Peace Day and a world music concert at the iconic Busboys and Poets in Washington DC.

Late invitations by Zainab Salbi, author of Peace is an Inside Job, added to their itinerary. These included a private concert with Peggy Dulany Rockefeller and friends at her apartment block in Manhattan New York and a book launch with Salbi at ABC Kitchen, the New York home base for Deepak Chopra.

Holmes founded Desert Rose in 1999 and in 2005 she met and formed a life partnership with Ganief, then CEO of the Cape Town Festival.

In 2006, they formed Desert Rose Music and in 2008 started their live performance career based on their CD, The Prayer, voted “CD of the Year” on a local community radio station in Cape Town.

In 2012, they launched their international performance career as a duo and to date have produced 18 CDs in the genre of sacred world music.

Over the last five years, they have mostly performed abroad as part of major events for climate change, peace, non-violence, interfaith and yoga festivals.

Their travels have seen them performing in the UK, Malaysia, Singapore, Poland, Peru, India, Turkey, Bosnia, Brazil, France, Morocco, Oman, Mozambique, Mauritius and the USA.

Their latest tour and third trip to Malaysia was in December 2018 for a series of concerts called Unity in Diversity in three different cities.

For their recent tours they produced a new album called Sacred World to showcase the rich heritage of Africa.

The album includes a rain chant sung in Khoisan languages to honour the wisdom of indigenous communities all over the world.

Another highlight of the CD is the song Ubuntu, which commemorates iconic former president Nelson Mandela and the African concept of social cohesion and inter-relatedness of all living beings.

Desert Rose will perform at Art on Target, 2 Target Kloof, Essexvale, Port Elizabeth, from 7pm to 8.30pm on March 1.

For more information and bookings, interested parties can contact Evy on 082-823- 1525 or e-mail or e-mail

On March 2, Desert Rose will offer a Sound Healing half-day workshop from 2pm to 5pm. For bookings contact Gail on 981-527-3242 or or