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Image: Sophie Smith
Image: Sophie Smith

Kingswood College is one of South Africa’s leading co-ed, independent schools catering for pupils from Grade 000 up to the  Bridging Year and is located in Makhanda (Grahamstown) in the heart of the Eastern Cape). It is defined by its leading academic, music, boarding and sporting facilities, its rich Methodist tradition and  its vision of Educating for Life.

In its centenary year last year, Kingswood College paid tribute to 125 years of education by becoming the first school in Africa, and one of a small band of schools in the world, to embark on formalising character education into its curriculum. Together with our newly formed Leadership Institute, a Kingswood College education is not only unique but ground-breaking.

The formation of the Kingswood Leadership Institute offers collaborative, academically rigorous and dynamic courses focussed on nurturing and developing a character that leads to success and a growth-mindset, while the further introduction of Character Education at Kingswood deliberately strives to assist pupils in understanding, caring about and acting on core ethical values. Kingswood believes that traditional school subjects such as Mathematics, English, Physical Science and Biology should no longer be seen as stand-alone academic subjects, but rather as integrated parts of a larger character-building initiative that produces principled, independent, confident, socially well-adjusted and passionate men and women.

 Educating For Life vision drives the school to provide an all-round, character-forming education that is focused on bringing out the best in each and every  pupil and the caring family environment is designed to help pupils to develop a diverse set of skills and a strong sense of self in order to enable them to flourish at school, and beyond.

In an effort to produce resilient, self-reliant and successful individuals, Kingswood nurtures leadership skills; promotes the development of confidence; helps pupils to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills and encourages empathy and a compassionate approach to others.

Kingswood exposes pupils to a variety of different activities outside regular subject material. The purpose of this is to broaden the pupils’ skills base, interests, and knowledge and life experience in order to feed back into the school’s curriculum.

Attractive, comfortable boarding facilities, supervised by well-qualified staff, provide a space in which pupils who  choose to be boarders, can have a  home-from-home during school terms. These boarding houses provide opportrunities to forge life-long, meaningfull friedships which characterise the family ethos which is a trade mark of Kingswood College.

Kingswood’s pupils are known for their spirit of courage, determination, generosity and happiness that characterises life at the college. The warm, family atmosphere of Kingswood College is distinctive. Kingswood’s co-educational environment, in which boys and girls can mature together from Pre-Primary through to Matric or to the Bridging Year, gives pupils the chance to develop healthy, balanced attitudes and relationships, which equip them to excel in life.

Become part of the Kingswood family, and give your child the gift of a Kingswood education.

To find out more about Kingswood College or our Bridging Year programme please contact Danel Pruissen on +27 46 603 6600 for a guided tour around our beautiful campus.

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