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Isuzu Vehicles support fight against Covid-19


MUCH-NEEDED DELIVERY: Isuzu trucks help Gift of the Givers bring water to drought- stricken regions in the Eastern Cape
MUCH-NEEDED DELIVERY: Isuzu trucks help Gift of the Givers bring water to drought- stricken regions in the Eastern Cape

Gift of the Givers provides unconditional humanitarian support across geographical boundaries and is involved in several operations.

These operations include the provision of water, the distribution of nutritional food parcels, augmenting public health services by supporting medical professionals with protective wear, supplying medical equipment and providing consumables to the institutions in urgent need.

The ongoing relationship between Isuzu Motors SA and Gift of the Givers has strengthened the organisation’s logistical abilities to accomplish their Covid-19 emergency intervention programmes. To this end Isuzu has made its media fleet available to Gift of the Givers and provided two more trucks in support of the organisation’s planned logistical requirements.

Gift of the Givers’ medical personnel are using the ISUZU D-MAX bakkies to transport medical equipment, essential supplies and other consumables during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We have successfully partnered with Isuzu on various projects and we believe that is a partner for the long run,” Badr Kazi, Gift of the Givers Di- rector and National Co-ordinator, said. The Covid-19 outbreak has also severely impacted water scarce towns, where water is required not only for drinking, but for hygiene and sanitation. With the help of an Isuzu FSR 800 Tanker truck and two FTR 850 trucks fitted with water tanks, Gift of the Givers is able to transport and deliver a combined 22,500 litres of water a day to drought-stricken areas.

Ali Sablay, Gift of the Givers project manager, said the logistics support from boreholes to the community is critical. “The trucks bridge the gap be- tween boreholes and water delivery to the communities in Makhanda, in east of the province right through to Graaff-Reinet towards the west covering towns such as Bedford, Adelaide and Cebe,” he said.

The farming community in Adelaide, was significantly affected by the drought, posing a huge threat on agriculture and the region’s economy.

Two boreholes were drilled by Gift of the Givers for these farmers, providing water relief to the farms and their 200 workers. Two more trucks were made available by Isuzu — one a refrigerated truck, which the organisation uses in the Southern Cape and Karoo area to transport perishable foods and the other, a four tonne truck to transport food parcels.

“We pride ourselves in providing transport solutions and being a trusted partner in getting a job done. It gives us great satisfaction to enable a community organisation like Gift of the Givers who shares a common goal of providing disaster relief in communities,” Gishma Johnson, Corporate Communications and PR Manager at Isuzu Motors SA, said.

“It is encouraging to see the difference Isuzu is able to make in communities across SA and especially in the lives of those who are without basic human needs like water,” Johnson added.

This article was supplied and paid for by Isuzu.