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Kingswood ’s ‘Character Education’ a first for Africa


Kingswood College is the first school in Africa, and one of a small band of schools in the world, to formalise Character Education in its curriculum.

The school’s goal, to produce principled young men and women,skilled to be successful in a complex and fast-changing world, and equipped to contribute to a morally and ethically healthy society, culminated in the founding of the Kingswood College Leadership Institute.

This institute offers courses focused on nurturing and developing a character that leads to success and a growth mindset.

As Kingswood is committed to“Educating for Life”, this Institute is not restricted to pupils, but accommodates parents, staff and members of society at large, in an effort to build a better society and a better world.

Informed by a definition by Dr Marvin Berkowitz, Kingswood regards Character Education as an initiative that should permeate every single aspect of life at the school.

In line with the views of Dr Thomas Lickona, Character Education at Kingswood strives to assist pupils in understanding, caring about and acting on core ethical values.

Kingswood believes that traditional school subjects such as mathematics, English, physical science and biology should nolonger be seen as stand-alone academic subjects, but rather as integrated parts of a larger character-building initiative that will produce principled, independent,confident, socially well-adjusted and passionate men and women,adequately equipped to be successful in life after school.

The school introduces Character Education in age-appropriate phases during a pupil’s journey through the school.

In the pre-primary phase, kindness,cheerfulness and creativity are emphasised, while aspect such as emotional intelligence,gratitude and responsibility are stressed in the foundation phase.

In the intermediate phase, resilience,motivation, assertiveness,and grit are focused on.In the senior school, among others, growth of integrity, respect,confidence, compassion and resourcefulness, receive special attention.

Dr Colleen Vassiliou, head of Kingswood College, says: “We want to build character and grow leaders” and by doing so “be a transforming influence

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