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Culture of collaboration at Brylin Learning Centre


The Brylin Independent Learning Centre in Fairview, Port Elizabeth, caters for children aged three months to grade 12, and offers the Montessori approach from 3—12 years old.

Brylin is a registered independent school in pursuit of academic excellence, critical thinking and creativity for its pupils.

“We aim to achieve excellence in all we do by inspiring in all our pupils a lifelong passion for learning,” a spokesperson for the school said.

Personal characteristics such as respect for others, tolerance, caring for the environment and good citizenship are encouraged at Brylin to produce self disciplined and balanced adults in a diverse world.

In this way, Brylin is fostering a culture of collaboration, trust and shared responsibility among its pupils. The school aims to provide a learning environment that is happy and safe, and encourages its pupils to have the courage to

This article was supplied and paid for by Brylin Independent Learning Centre