Anele Mdoda hits back at fresh hate about her criticism of Kelly Rowland

Anele Mdoda is so over attention-seekers.
Anele Mdoda is so over attention-seekers.
Image: Alaister Russell

Radio host Anele Mdoda is so over the Twitter storm that erupted over her criticism of Kelly Rowland and is ready to leave it in 2019.

Anele made headlines in October when she suggested that the Destiny's Child star was not as good looking as many people believed.

Anele added that Kelly only “looks amazing with make-up” and shared a picture of Kelly with and without it.

The backlash and Twitter storm that followed lasted several days. Then this week, the topic was brought up again, when Twitter parody account Man's Not Barry Roux tweeted a picture of Kelly looking fine and wrote, “I am reminded of the day Anele said Kelly Rowland is ugly”.

Soon Anele's name was on the Twitter trends list again and it was like we were right back in 2019. Yawn.

As tweeps from far and wide shared their thoughts on the post, with many defending Anele and others sharing the joke, the radio queen addressed the masses.

And it wasn't pretty.

In a short but sharp response she suggested that the account was only validated by data and couldn't help but talk about her.

“The year is 2056 and your adv, who is only validated by data, is still tweeting about me.”

Though the parody account has yet to respond to the clap back, many thought it would be the real start of World War 3 and called for cover.

Others considered it game, set and match, with Anele the victor.

And, of course, there were those still waiting for Anele to prove the receipts she promised last year.