Pickfords makes moving easy

Taking the most trusted way around the corner or around the world

Pickfords highly trained staff make the moving process as stress-free as possible. Image: Supplied/Pickfords
Pickfords highly trained staff make the moving process as stress-free as possible. Image: Supplied/Pickfords

Moving is both exciting and challenging and Pickfords understands this. With more than 100 years of experience, Pickfords is best suited to fulfil your local and international move requirements.

Pickfords has been operating in SA since 1904 and is an established leader in the door-to-door removal of household and personal effects in both local and international removals.

The company has an extensive network of offices across the country, as well as global coverage through its affiliation with the worldwide Allied Pickfords network, its sister brand. Offering a wide range of related services from moving pets and vehicles to relocation, storage and insurance, Pickfords aims to ease your move as much as possible.

Finding an experienced and professional removal company is essential in minimising the stress and pressure caused by a move. Staff maintain constant communication throughout all stages of your move, ensuring your peace of mind as you are kept up to date on the move process. As one of the most trusted removal companies across the globe you can trust Pickfords to care for your belongings throughout your move.

Our many decades of experience have also given us the required expertise in office moves. We ensure all your office furniture and equipment is moved swiftly, effectively and with as little hassle as possible to help minimise any loss of productivity as your employees settle in.

Our relocations services cover every stage of the move process through our trusted representatives and staff. Our worldwide network covers both urban and rural areas. Meanwhile, our multi-lingual staff have the specialised knowledge needed to resolve any issues that may arise either at origin or destination. We help with home search, school search and settling in services (among others) to allow you the smoothest transition as you move to your new destination. Our expertise also extends to the safe and secure transportation of nearly any kind of vehicle, ranging from cars, motorbikes and trailers to boats.

Pickfords knows how important your pets are. Its specialised pet-moving service reflects the position most pets hold as members of its clients’ families. And animals are treated with the care and respect they deserve.

Clients often need storage space before, during or after a move. Should you need it, there are world-class, short- and long-term storage solutions on offer.

Pickfords prides itself on a low incidence of insurance claims – even by international standards. However, Pickfords strongly believes that customer make sure their household effects are insured as comprehensively as possible and offer assistance in helping to find the correct insurance to suit their needs.

Pickfords is always there to take care of your removal and relocation needs whether around the corner or around the world.

When relocating, trust Pickfords to take care of you, your loved ones and your belongings every step of the way.

For more information visit www.pickfords.co.za, email info.pe@pickfords.co.za or call +27 41 405 7431.

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