WATCH| Chinese night another sure winner

Fun with food at The Herald Cooking Masterclass at Capsicum Culinary Studio

The Herald Cooking Masterclasses are three down and one to go – and all four are already sold out as keen home chefs have been flocking to the kitchen at Capsicum Culinary Studio in Newton Park for the fun nights.

Thursday’s Chinese-themed event was the third in the series of four, with a masterclass on French desserts the finale in May.

Capsicum chef Donovan Miller started the night by demonstrating how to make his favourite “easy-peasy Hong Kong chicken” and then the group got the chance to make their own chicken chow mein to accompany it.

“Every Christmas I get asked ‘what are you making?’ and this is my go-to dish,” Miller said.

“I try to keep it simple so it’s very, very easy. After all, if you get home from work and you still have to cook, you don’t usually have lots of time.”

Guests Mark and Delene Botha agreed it was a winner, with Mark commenting: “It’s basic and simple and yet really delicious”.

Delene said that at home Mark was the main cook so she enjoyed the perk of student chefs assigned to guests – “there was not too much chopping, especially when you have a chef next to you to help”.

Three Peaks provided wine for all tastes with dry rosé, sauvignon blanc, pinotage and its Cantata red blend.

Foodie Bev Gray, who has attended several masterclasses, said the Chinese night was a highlight.

“If you think of the time it would take you to order and fetch a Chinese takeaway, this is actually quicker and healthier too,” Gray said.

Capsicum campus principal Beryldene Bain said The Herald Cooking Masterclasses had not only been a hit with guests, but also with students and lecturers when they started in 2018.

“We couldn’t wait for the new series to start this year.

“Now we are rotating our chefs to give them all a chance to share their skills.”

Due to demand, a new series will be held in July and August, with more mouthwatering dishes on the menu.

The classes are held at the Capsicum studio at 67 Newton Street in Newton Park and the evening includes a welcome drink, Capsicum head chef host, basket of ingredients, dining experience, complimentary chef apron and Three Peaks bottle of wine.


  • For more information, contact Berna Walters on 041-5047135.