Group seeks novel ideas

Image: iStock

A Port Elizabeth-based group of companies is on the lookout for entrepreneurs with fresh ideas to take its innovations to new heights.

By bringing these entrepreneurs into the fold, the Rhino Group – which consists of companies including Rhino Plastics, Rhino Water, Rhino Lighting and Rhino Greenbuilding – hopes to introduce its products to a variety of new markets.

Speaking from her base at the Propella business incubator, Rhino Lighting managing director Heather McEwan said the companies in the group were already coming up with innovative creations, but there were still many uses for these products to explore.

“We are often too busy with the new products [to expand the markets for existing products],” McEwan said.

The company, through Propella, now intends to recruit MBA students from Nelson Mandela University to assist.

Propella’s senior industrial adviser, Grant Minnie, said the students from the 2019 intake could develop business plans for Rhino Group products as part of their course requirement.

“Each student can select a product, write up a business plan and present it to a panel of judges from Propella, the university and the Rhino Group,” Minnie said.

However, the opportunity would not be limited to students, McEwan said.

Any interested entrepreneurs can contact Propella directly.