Busa in offer of conditional help

BUSINESS lobby group Business Unity South Africa (Busa) will help the incoming administration implement the National Development Plan (NDP) to rid the country of unemployment‚ poverty and inequality‚ provided policy certainty is ensured.

The ANC said after the elections that in the next five years it would focus on implementing the NDP‚ a 30-year growth and development framework.

The NDP sets ambitious targets of growing the economy and reducing unemployment from 25.2% to 6% by 2030.

Busa acting chief executive Cas Coovadia said business needed to identify concrete programmes within the NDP that it could start implementing. But it wanted to influence policy at a strategic level and talk with the government about hard issues such as corruption and labour instability.

Busa's comments come a few days after ANC leaders made strong commitments to service delivery and continued integration of the NDP into government programmes.

An analyst at North-West University Business School‚ Theo Venter‚ said implementation would happen in President Jacob Zuma's second and last term as this was his last chance to leave a legacy of some kind.