World record price paid for Murraysburg mohair

Herald Reporter

A WORLD record price was achieved for winter kid mohair at a Cape Mohair and Wool (CMW) sale this week.

The winter kid mohair bale slashed previous international records this week, which the seller attributes to the "every goat tested" (EGT) system developed by the CMW.

Murraysburg's Theronnie van der Merwe said the EGT process ensured that each angora goat was tested and selected for micron (fineness) to ensure that the finest bale possible, with length, good style and character was prepared before shearing.

At R400.10/kg the 24 micron bale, which was purchased by Gerrit Fourie of the Stucken Group, slashed all previous world record prices for winter kid mohair.

Van der Merwe's bale of winter young goat hair, presented as 28 micron young goat mohair, also sold at a record price of R265/kg and the whole clip was sold at R219.75/kg – the highest average price ever.

"'I had high expectations, but they were all surpassed," an excited Van der Merwe said.

CMW general manager of Mohair Pierre van der Vyver said more top quality EGT-tested clips would come under the hammer this season and "with the current demand for South African mohair in overdrive, further record prices may be in the offing".

Van der Vyver said Van der Merwe's bale was "an outstanding clip prepared with the utmost care and marketed with perfect timing".