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Mo & Phindi are relationship strategists, radio contributors and co-authors of the book: Love Isn’t For Cowards

Wedding vows carry weighty meaning


Very few things are as important as the marriage vows during the wedding. Vows are the solemn words openly declared by ...

Why you may have to call the wedding off

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Mo and Phindi sound the alarm before getting married

Relationships: myths about marital conflict

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Most of what we do, even during marriage coaching sessions, tends to centre on idiosyncratic behaviour and long- held ...

Marriage should not be a battleground

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Mo and Phindi look at how to fight fairly when you have differences in your relationship

Forget the glitz, remember the vows

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It's important to have a "married" state of mind say Mo and Phindi

Mo and Phindi: Your marriage has to be bigger than you

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As avid students of the institution of marriage we are constantly challenged to make our marriage better and in turn ...

Smartphone addiction can crush your marriage

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Mo and Phindi warn couples not to be hooked by the social media dopamine rush we all crave

5 areas to look at when choosing your partner

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Finding love is one of the most challenging exercises, even in this day and age where everything we need in life is at ...

How to cope when your husband is unemployed

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Lately we find that we’re spending a considerable amount of time dealing with disintegrating marriages as a result of ...

Relationships: dating a physically disabled person

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"Should I date someone with a physical disability? He’s a wonderful man and I like him a lot, but I have serious fears ...