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Mo & Phindi are relationship strategists, radio contributors and co-authors of the book: Love Isn’t For Cowards

How to cope when your husband is unemployed

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Lately we find that we’re spending a considerable amount of time dealing with disintegrating marriages as a result of ...

Relationships: dating a physically disabled person

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"Should I date someone with a physical disability? He’s a wonderful man and I like him a lot, but I have serious fears ...

Don't live together before marriage

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Mo and Phindi spell out why they think it is not a good idea to shack up without a wedding ring on your finger

Why he won’t propose after years of dating

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Let's talk about your relationship and where it is going

Honouring stepfathers, those unsung heroes who fill a difficult role


There is a section of responsible men in our country who occupy the role of stepfathers who are unjustly covered by the ...

Rebuilding trust after an affair

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The question of what to do when your partner’s been unfaithful is a tough one

Dating a younger man

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Age doesn’t matter when his level of maturity matches yours, say Mo and Phindi

What happens when she earns more than he does?

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Mo and Phindi say it takes maturity from both partners involved in relationships like this

Would you tell your friend if you knew their partner was cheating?

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When it comes to relationships, this is an awkward position for anyone to be in