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Mo and Phindi Mo and Phindi

Mo & Phindi are relationship strategists, radio contributors and co-authors of the book: Love Isn’t For Cowards

What to do when the kids walk in on your ‘private time’

Weeken Post

Few moments in a couple’s intimate life are as awkward and that inhibit sexual desire than the fear of getting caught ...

Why you should balance your career with your marriage

Weeken Post

Modern romance often means no-one is home to make dinner — or if someone’s at home, they’re suffering loneliness, ...

Why people stay in abusive relationships

Weeken Post

One of the most common questions people often ask about relationships where toxicity and abuse are prevalent is, “Why ...

True love, not romance, is the main ingredient of a strong marriage

Weeken Post

Feelings-driven romantic love fizzles out with time, while true love is strengthened by time, commitment, and shared ...

Don’t ignore those relationship boundaries

Weeken Post

If someone steps on your foot, depending on how hard they stomp on it, you’ll either ignore, whisper or scream.

Closure after a break-up is overrated

Weeken Post

Sure enough, your brain craves an authentic narrative to make sense of what happened between the two of you, especially ...

What you shouldn't do after a fight

Weeken Post

It’s normal for many marriages that, in expressing sharp disagreements, couples end up deteriorating the conflict to ...

The thinking pattern that turns spouses into bitter perfectionists

Weeken Post

The all-or-nothing mindset — a polarised and toxic thought pattern also known as dichotomous thinking — is a common ...

Our differences enrich a marriage

Weeken Post

We recently came across an online blog that reads, “Compromise — no matter how difficult — is a necessary part of any ...

Date nights vital to keep marriage alive

Weeken Post

A plant that is not regularly watered dries up and dies. What kills it isn’t just the lack of water, but its inability ...