The roller-coaster ride that is life in Bay, SA

Weeken Post

If a week is a lifetime in the dynamics of SA, two weeks is an eternity.

It’s on all of us to save our city


There are moments in time when the mists of our complex world part and allow us to see with clarity the most pressing ...

Bay politicians must face reality


If you were to draw up a list of the 10 most urgent things that must happen to turn Nelson Mandela Bay into the best ...

Minority governing again in Nelson Mandela Bay


The basic requirement of the “people shall govern” is that the people freely elect those who represent their interests ...

Natural gems in the best little city


When last did you take a walk at Sardinia Bay or along the shore of the Alexandria coastal dune field? Are there more ...

Nelson Mandela Bay is the best little city in the world


It’s a fact that we’ve forgotten, that has become lost in the circus our administration has become. Let’s be clear, ...

SA has long way to go learning to live without racism


Last year it started with an attack on mannequins. It ended with the throwing of toys in cell phone outlets.

All SA society has responsibility to prevent crime


The police are yet to visit Mabandla’s mother to interview her regarding the circumstances of his death.

We can use difference in SA as a constructive force


So what will it take? How would we make it work? How do we move 4.5 million people thousands of kilometres in as short ...