Caiphus Kgosana Executive editor: opinions and analysis

Caiphus Kgosana has extensive experience in reporting, writing and editing. In 2018 he re-joined the Sunday Times and is now in charge of the paper’s thought leader engine, the Opinions and Analysis section. He also writes on the political economy.

Treasury welcomes deregulation of electricity


The Treasury has described continuous power cuts implemented by Eskom as a drag on growth.

Axe vax excuses. It’s time to think outside the box


Government has no one to blame but itself for SA’s rollout mess. We have the infrastructure to administer jabs

Government warns on rising debt: Budget 2021 spending goes to learning, grants and health


The government has sounded another debt warning as costs to service its debt soar to just under R1-trillion over the ...

Presidency gets R12.6bn for job creation in Mboweni's mini-budget


The Treasury is adopting a zero-budgeting process where government departments have to justify each programme they ...

Taxes will increase as government needs extra R5bn in 2021/22


The government is projecting tax increases of R5bn in the next financial year as decreasing tax revenue and increasing ...

You'll soon be able to generate your own power, says Ramaphosa - and even sell any excess ...


Government is fast-tracking applications for electricity generation for personal use as it moves to end crippling ...

Level one loading: Cyril Ramaphosa set to lift travel ban tonight


President Cyril Ramaphosa will tell the nation on Wednesday night that he is moving the country to Level 1 of the ...