An abandoned goldfish on display after being quarantined at the Aquarium de Paris

Paris’s biggest aquarium has created a refuge for goldfish, providing a second life for any unwanted pets which might otherwise find themselves flushed down the toilet.

The Aquarium de Paris allows the city’s residents to drop off their fish, with the numbers using the service swelling around the time of the long summer holidays.

Instead of facing death in the city’s sewerage system, the rejected goldfish find themselves given a full medical check-up involving antibiotics and anti-parasite treatments.

After a month in quarantine, during which a few succumb to the trauma caused by the change in location, they are released into a giant tank, where they go on display.

Celine Bezault, who cares for the fish at the giant aquarium complex opposite the Eiffel Tower, said: “Some of them arrive very weak.”

The goldfish rescue service has been used by about 50 people a month and the tank now contains about 600 specimens.

Rather than spending all day banging into the glass of a small bowl, here the fish have space to swim and plenty of company, allowing them to socialise and move around in groups.

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