When ‘cool’ is not so cool

Shiraaz Limbada from Korsten writes: WHAT is going on with the youth today. I am only 32, but I fail to understand the new “cool” factor in the Northern Areas.
Let’s begin with “YMCMB”. What does that even stand for? Everybody in the Northern Areas under 25 owns some item of clothing from this brand. I understand it is a rap group which has a big following. But the clothes are un- imaginative and boring. In my opinion cool is about being unique, you are not cool when every second person is wearing the same top as you.
Secondly pouting, especially in photos! There is nothing more unattractive as a pout. I blame the KFC krush advert. The ladies need to understand that pouting only distracts people from your beauty. Instead of seeing your beautiful smile we are focused on how ugly your lips look. What amazes me is these girls look at the photo they have just taken and think to themselves “I look hot” and place these photos on Facebook for the world to see.
It’s simple, being unique is what will get you attention if that is what your are looking for. I assure you people won’t think you are weird, only those who are wearing YMCMB and pouting their lips might, but I wouldn’t be too worried about their opinion.

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