Trying to turn tide in Helenvale

DURING the 1960s school dropouts became the order, resulting in young people joining gangs while the girls had baby after baby. The school dropouts caused a severe lack of educated people with basically the entire workforce unskilled.
The attitude still has not changed no matter how hard outside people tried. There are many good people, but the bad elements are overpowering in the area.
Bad language, swearing, stealing, robbery, break-ins, gangsterism and drugs are the order of the day.
Most of the unskilled are unemployed dependent on disability, child support grants and pensions. The children are the victims as they seldom benefit from these grants. In most cases the money is not used for the children.
Children often simply refuse to go to school, while parents will allow this. Many parents neglect their children, using all the money they have on drink. Most are in debt and in the power of money lenders (skoppers) who take all their money, keep their ID and bank cards and see to it that they are never free of debt.
Just about every street has two to three house churches with many people ordained as pastors without academic qualifications. While some are doing good work others are not winning the war against evil by becoming involved in the churches infighting.
A problem which makes my work demanding is that service delivery gets hampered by crime. Municipal officials and workers who have to work in the area often become the victims of crime and are even sometimes robbed at gunpoint.
This ward was an ANC ward before the 2011 elections. Representing the DA I took it from the ANC with a 76% win.
They are not happy about it and are doing their utmost to upset our plans and make the ward ungovernable.
Rumours are rife that political motive is behind the spate of robberies officials have suffered.
I have started more than 11 projects in the ward since I have taken over. These include new halls and parks and upgrading of infrastructure.

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