Tips for Christmas gardens

THE holiday season is almost here, and the time for festivities, which means lots of outdoor activities .

Guests will visit – it’s party time! – and we want everything to look just right.

Is your garden ready for this?

“Are you crazy?” you might be saying. Well, don’t stress.

Here is a checklist and some pointers for December that will have you breeze through the garden chores and appear totally cool to anyone visiting.

Quick check

• Jazz up the pots on the stoep especially at the front door. Paint them bright colours, or all the same colour.

• Add some blooming colour … plant annuals for instant colour – salvia, mimulus, petunias, ianthus, begonias …

• Choose from a selection of flowering perennials which will stay, and still be there next year – gaura, diascia, nemesia, pelargoniums, osteospermums, coreopsis, statice, daisies.

• Plant strawberries, gooseberries, lemon trees.

• Sow summer veg and herb seeds like coriander, rocket, beans, watermelon and mielies.

• Fertilize the grass with Wonder 7.1.3 and shrubs with Wonder 3.1.5.

• Check and spray for pests. Take a sample of the problem with you to the garden centre.

• Roses get black spot and rust – treat with Funginex and Bravo.

• For aphids use Plant Protector.

• Remember to treat conifers every two months with Efekto insecticide granules.

• Plant the screen that you need for privacy using kamassi, maytenus, buddleia, tecomaria.

• Check sprinkler system for the hot summer ahead.

• Get red poinsettias for the Christmas tables.

• Buy plants as Christmas presents, or give a gift voucher.

This garden column is brought to you by by Sherwood Garden Centre, Efekto and EverGrow.

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