Therapist speaks about compassion for humanity

PARKSIDE resident Basheerah Isaacs is one woman who embodies a spirit of perseverance, determination and sheer grit.
The registered counsellor (psychotherapist) had to endure many challenges to realise her goal of opening her own practice.
The former personal assistant at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) discovered that NMMU staff studied for free at university.
She seized the opportunity to further her education.
“One is never too old to learn so initially I started with one or two subjects in 1994.
“Then I decided to pursue my BPsych part-time while working at the university and pregnant with my youngest of three. I eventually graduated then went to study my honours in order to open my own practice – which I did in 2007,” Isaacs said.
The profession which is much like psychology requires Isaacs to deal with a variety of cases and situations.
“I do all types of counselling – from family and marital to trauma and other social issues.
“Each situation however is an individual case which you must handle with care.
“You must also distance yourself because if you become too involved in the case you will become biased and take the stress upon yourself,” Isaacs said.
The decision to become a registered counsellor was not taken lightly by Isaacs. She could however not shy away from the opportunity to help others.
“After the birth of my eldest child I suffered from postnatal depression. After that I decided I was going to save others from feeling the same way, so I chose a career which would help to guide people to a better path.
“However opening my practice did not come without challenges. In my first year I suffered a loss of R40000. But I picked myself up because I have a passion for my career. I love what I do, when you love what you do it becomes play,” Isaacs said.
According to Isaacs, you need to have a positive mindset to achieve in this field.
You should also be in touch with yourself in order to be able to help someone else, she said.

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