Sweepers back on job

Bobbi Sands

AFTER a two-year battle Lorraine finally has two dedicated street sweepers back on the streets.
Ward 8 councillor Gustav Rautenbach said he had been petitioning the municipality for the last two years after the street sweepers assigned to his ward were removed.
“When Contact 99 was done away with, we lost the sweepers who were keeping our streets clean,” said Rautenbach, about the contract that employed casual workers.
“We did have a mechanical sweeper that periodically swept the streets, but this was not enough.”
Rautenbach added the street sweepers ensure the gravel, leaves and branches do not end up flushed down the drains as happened with the heavy rains last year.
“Many blockages in the drains are as a result of gravel, leaves, branches and litter building up in the drains. Having two dedicated sweepers will help alleviate that problem.”
The two men, Andile Mabinya and Vusumzi Solisi, both have their own routes to follow daily, covering a distance of about 3km a day.
They start at 6am and end at 2pm.
“Andile and Vusumzi mainly cover the weeding of the section where the road meets the curb and also sweep up gravel branches and other debris in the roads,” said supervisor Wally van Blerk.
He noted the men both have their work cut out for them in the sweltering heat.
“We have had a few incidents with vehicles, and we ask the motorists to be patient with their trolleys that might be slightly in the road, to ensure they can do their jobs.”
Van Blerk added the men had started last week and residents would notice the difference in due course.
“I am very thankful ward 8 has this dedicated team to keep our streets clean. Often there are areas that a mechanical sweeper cannot reach or clean properly, and it is a blessing to have the sweepers back in the area.”

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