Sugaring in focus

WHO said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks?
Sugaring has learnt a thing or two since the ’80s.
Sugaring is a hair-removal process that has made a comeback into beauty salons across the city since its more ineffective version in the ’80s, but the new formula has proven to remove all types of hair.
Owner of Skin in Prospect Road, Walmer, Megan Nicholls said the method was very popular back in the day, and that the new product is safer for people wanting hair removal.
“The product consists of basically sugar, water and lemon juice and is a lot safer than waxing,” said Nicholls.
She added that because of the simplicity of the ingredients, people are not prone to allergic reactions that could occur from ingredients in other hair-removal products.
Nicholls said the sugar mixture is only heated to body temperature, so there is no risk of removing skin, or over sensitising the skin.
“Sugaring is less painful because you are not feeling the stinging sensation of the hot wax being removed.”
Nicholls pointed out that people will still feel the pain of hair being removed.
She added the sugaring process is a lot more hygienic as there is no re-dipping into the mixture.
“One bit of the sugar mixture is reused per client to remove hair, and if more is needed it is added without a spatula touching skin and then being put back into a pot.”
She added hair removal ingredients such as wax do not get heated enough to rid the pot of any germs that may come off the body when using a spatula.
Nicholls said another pro was that sugaring clients are less prone to ingrown hairs, and the hair seems to grow back at a slower rate.

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