Security beefed up after attack

FOLLOWING a brutal attack of a store employee at 17th Quarter shopping complex in Walmer last month, mall management has beefed up security to ensure it does not happen again.
Petula Korkie, 39, was left with a broken arm and 29 stitches in her head after being beaten and robbed in the complex’s toilet facilities.
The incident took place when Korkie, who works at Trellidor in the complex, took a break to go to the toilet.
When she noticed that the middle stall was occupied she went to another one.
Moments later a man wielding a knife broke down the door of the stall and ordered her to sit on the toilet seat with her back towards him and proceeded to assault her.
Afraid her attacker would kill her, she pretended to pass out. When she opened her eyes, he was gone.
The man made off with her cellphone.
Complex managing director Mark Bakker of BMI said the incident was unfortunate and every measure was being taken to prevent it from happening again.
“It is the last thing that we would have wanted,” said Bakker.
“We have met with Izikathi Security to discuss the matter and have increased patrols. We also suggested adding female guards.”
The toilets, which are coin operated, will be regularly patrolled from now on, said Bakker.
He said the security guards been requested to be more vigilant but pointed out that this type of incident could have happened anywhere.
“It is a difficult thing to control because we cannot watch every person. We just have to be more aware,” said Bakker.
He said they considered putting up cameras, but this would be more of a reactive action than preventative.
“Cameras would have to be manned 24 hours a day and they would not have stopped the incident. And we cannot put cameras in the toilets. All we can do is take precautions and be alert,” Bakker said.

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