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COMPLETING an electrical apprenticeship qualifies you for possibly one of the most reputable, skillful, challenging, and rewarding careers. If you are interested in getting involved withthis field of work and study, you need the necessary qualifications and training.
Employment opportunities for electricians are looking positive. And due to increased public awareness of electrical safety, there is an even greater demand.
An electrician is involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and use of electricity, and installs, repairs and maintains electrically operated equipment, such as generators, geysers, refrigerators and stoves.
When trouble occurs you must find the cause and repair it. This may involve replacing fuses, switches or wires. Regular inspections on all motors, switchgear and transformers to ensure safe functioning must also be performed.
An electrician working at a power station has to install and maintain power generators. Electrical meters and transformers also have to be serviced regularly.
Probably the most successful and soughtafter electrician starts with an apprenticeship in electrical installation, for which you will need a Grade 10 certificate.
Once qualified, you can study further and branch out into other areas such as installations, robotics, programmable logic controllers and many more.
With a masters degree, you can conduct installations and repairs in hazardous areas such as petrol stations.
If you want to become an electrician, you need to register with an employer to provide a suitable apprenticeship. This consists of theoretical training at a technical FET college, and practical work including in-service training.
The duration of the course is three to four years depending on the relevant experience of the candidate. Possible employers include government departments, factories, mines, industries, and private electrical businesses.
Once qualified you may be able to start your own small business because there are many entrepreneurial opportunities in this field.
If you enjoy problem solving and have a passion for understanding the inner workings of all things electrical, then this your trade.
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