Pioneers of change

WHAT have you done today that affects more than just yourself? And how many times have you complained today?
Take a second and think about the two questions I have just put to you.
Keeping the answers in mind, what are you doing to bring about positive change in your area?
We can’t just wait for the government to step in and make things better, because by now I’m sure we have all realised that is simply not going to happen.
Working in the Northern Areas for the past five months, I have seen the potential the area possesses and the passion the residents have for the area. I have come into contact with so many motivated, enthusiastic people.
But sitting in your lounge with all that passion, watching Isidingo, isn’t going to change anything. If we want to see change, we have to be the pioneers of that change.
I hear people speaking about how we need to do this and that, but what are you doing to implement this and that?
You don’t need to start your own groundbreaking project for the Northern Areas. Instead, just connect with one of the existing projects in your area and see how your idea can benefit that organisation.
Chances are things will get done a lot quicker and more effectively through collaboration instead of yet another independent organisation.
In the Northern Areas there are literally more than a hundred organisations that have been established for the development of the area and its residents. This includes soup kitchens and animal care.
This is enough to make a change, but only if we as the residents of the Northern Areas volunteer our time to help.
And nobody can tell me they don’t have the time, when I can drive past a street anytime of the day or night and see about 10 people standing on a corner talking.
I can guarantee that you will be able to talk to those same people about those same things while you are volunteering at an organisation.

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