Off to grade 1 smiling

The Algoa Sun team

THERE was a fair mixture of tears, nerves and smiles as the next generation of Grade 1s started big school this week neatly dressed in their sparkling new uniforms.
 The Algoa Sun team caught up with the kids on their orientation day, ahead of their first official school day.
 Khanya Boya, 6, who started at Enkwenkwezini Primary School, Motherwell, said he loved his school uniform.
“It is nice to start school. I will not cry when my aunt leaves me. My friends will also be starting Grade 1 with me and that is nice,” said the smiling little tyke who also said he looked forward to the food at the school.
He was not the only one who said the uniform was cool.
 Sokhna Wade, 6, from Summerwood Primary School said she liked her uniform and her new shoes.
“I am very excited to make new friends.”
Her classmate  Leila Oliver, 6, said: “I am most excited about learning to read”.
 Joshua van den Berg , 6, said he was looking forward to making new friends this year.
“Not all my friends are here at this school so I need some new ones to play with,” he said.
An excited and outspoken  Junaide Rademeyer, 6, from Hillcrest Primary School in Helenvale said: “I am very excited for school. I am going to learn how to write and read and colour in pictures in the lines.
“I am not scared of school. I got up at 6 o’clock this morning, I could not wait. I want to be here.”
Classmate  Raylene Maarman, 6, was pretty as a picture with her broad smile and yellow ribbons. She echoed Junaide saying: “At home we read out of the Bible. And now I am also going to read at school. All my friends are here so I am very happy to be at school”.
At Clarendon Park Primary School’s Grade 1 orientation on Tuesday morning it was all smiles for  Megan Jonker, 6, who was very happy to be at big school.
“I have lots of friends here,” she said. “My favourite is colouring in, and I like Mrs Anderson,” added Megan about her new teacher.
Sitting quietly at the table in his new classroom,  Sthembiso Mahlahla, 6, said he liked Clarendon and was excited about the first day.
“I am happy here and I like school,” he said.
“I cannot wait to learn,” said an enthusiastic  Ross Hadwin, 6.
“I like to play sport. My favourite is cricket.” He said South Africa was his favourite team.
A confident  Paul McKinnon, 6, also said he liked to play and enjoyed rugby and did a bit of judo.
About his first day of school, he said: “I am in the middle. I am afraid and excited. My sister cried at school.”
Ruciquellin Potgieter, 6, from Schauderville who will be going to De Vos Malan Primary School said he was excited about starting school. “I am excited because I have a friend who will also be going to the same school. I am so excited and ready for school,” he said.
Romeo Buys, 6, said he was happy about starting school. “I am going to Triomf Pre-Primary School in Salsoneville.
“I am not scared because some of my friends are also going to the same school. I already have the school uniform and it looks cool,” Romeo said.

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