Not too busy for family

DESPITE their busy lifestyles, Michael and Sandy Zoetmulder have made it a priority to spend quality time together as a family.
When they are not relaxing at their Walmer home having a Friday pizza night, the Zoetmulders can be found walking the dogs or at the gym.
Michael, 47, is known around the Bay for his role in organising major watersport events, such as the popular Ocean Racing Series his company Zsports organises.
Sandy, 30, has owned the popular News Cafe at the Boardwalk for the last five years, having worked there as a waitress for five years prior to that.
“That’s where I met Mike,” said Sandy. “We eyeballed each other. Actually, he eyeballed me more,” she laughs.
“I was a customer, it was my first time there,” explains Michael.
Sandy jokes she does not try to date her customers.
It is ironic that Sandy is not a fan of watersports and Claudia, 11, does not like sand.
The only member of the family who gets his feet wet is 10-year-old Tristan who is an avid surfer.He has been surfing for two years and wants to follow in the footsteps of his cousin and pro surfer, Faye Zoetmulder.
The family moved to Walmer in 2010.
“I always wanted to be in Walmer with the big gardens,” Michael said.
He also likes living close to the children’s school, Clarendon Primary.
To spend some time with them before the day begins, Michael and Sandy often walk the kids to school in the mornings.
His business consumes his life, says Michael, so he does not get much time off. But when he does, he is with his wife and children.
He also helps Sandy at New Cafe when she needs it.

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