It is not abnormal for someone to be angry

ANGER is one of the most dangerous internal triggers. Addicts in recovery often come into rehab with a lot of past issues and unresolved anger.
Anger is a powerful emotion; it can be used in productive or counterproductive ways.
Anger is a normal human emotion and can be intense.
It is evidence that we feel strongly about something.
As with every emotion, it has a lesson for us. Everyone gets angry and has a right to his or her anger. We are unable to control our anger, but can manage it. Open, honest, and direct expression is the most effective way of managing our anger.
Here are some suggestions how to respond to your anger:
 Ask what you are afraid of.
 Ask what feelings preceded the anger.
 Ask what other feelings you are feeling.
 Ask what are you trying to control.
 Consider your options and choose the one which will bring you the most happiness in the long term.
Once we have the anger focused we can make a decision about what to do with our anger.
We can either choose a constructive method, like exercising, or involve an objective third party to be a sounding board.
Use relaxation techniques and work towards anger resolution through acceptance.

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