Indecent haste to get married

RECENTLY marriage and pregnancy are two topics which have been bothering me.
Why are people getting married so young and getting pregnant even younger?
Recently one of my friends got engaged – he is only 22. Apparently this is a very common trend among our people. So this begs the question: What makes you think you are ready for marriage?
At the tender age of 22, your life is only beginning. Up until now you have simply been laying the foundation for your life. Now that you have acquired your training and started your first job you simply think you are at the stage of your life where marriage is the next step.
Contrary to popular belief this is far from the truth. Give yourself some time to enjoy your money.
Aside from a life-long commitment, marriage is a costly commitment, because once you are married you will continue following the trend and believe that children must follow.
At 23 you are married and a father. You grew up too fast. Although you can make a plan to stop playing the role of husband, being a daddy is not a role you can dump when it no longer suits you.
Which brings me to my next point, pregnancy. Each time I drive through the streets of the Northern Areas, I see girls with babies and the scary part is they are getting younger.
According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, sex is a fundamental need placed in the same category as food and water. So it would be illogical to suggest that you completely abstain from sex because we all know that is very unlikely to happen.
But if you are going to have sex, interrupt the mood for two minutes to condomise or before you know it, you will have to start wearing your daddy tie!

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